In the last years, I created a lot of documents with Scribus for different purposes. The most of these docs are just boring combinations of text and images, but in some of them there are also - let me call it - uncommon creations. So, I decided to put all of them into one document and add some - hopefully - helpful annotations to them:

From the content:
  • Creating a Tiled Image
  • Text Over Images
  • Filling a Text with an Image
  • Text in Text
  • Advanced Initials
  • Borders
  • Creating a Circled Diagram
  • Some Elements for Presentations

The "Scribus Creations" are distributed under GNU FDL, you can download a PDF version (ca. 6.5 MB).

Here is a tar.gz-archive with the original SLA-file and all the other files you'll need for opening the file in Scribus: ScribusCreations.tar.gz