14.1.2915      Hausen & Holzen - Verben als deutsche Städtenamen

Neue Visualisierung: "Hausen & Holzen - Verben als deutsche Städtenamen" - eine Karte, die alle deutschen Ortsnamen, die einem Verb entsprechen, darstellt: http://www.thomas-zastrow.de/verbCities/

30.09.2014      Spreadsheet2Map

I repaired the Spreadsheet2Map application, its back again:


06.07.2014      Trierer Panorama

Trier, Juni 2014, Perspektive von der Mariensäule. Klicken für größere Auflösung.


The Named Entity Model for German, Politics (NEMGP) is a collection of texts from Wikipedia and WikiNews, manually annotated with named entity information. The NEMGP was used to create models for the machine-learning based tools OpenNLP and the Stanford Named Entity Recognizer.

Click here for the original raw data as well as the trained binary models.

30.09.2013      Leaders of the World

Leaders of the World

How many members have the governments of the world? How many kings and queens are there? How big is the proportion of women in worldwide governments? Based on data from the CIA Factbook, the visualization Leaders of the World tries to answer these and more questions.

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